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Bug-TraveL 0wnz U !

Ma Evans ®

Ma Evans ® Extreme Strength Shampoo

Ma Evans Extreme Strength Shampoo nourishes hair, leaving it healthier and with more volume. Ma Evans, specially formulated for hair care, has developed the Extreme Strength Shampoo with a combination of ingredients that revitalizes fragile and damaged hair, increasing its strength

Ma Evans Deep Action ® Shampoo

The constant use of dryer, iron and dyes cause damage to hair fibers, these may result in hair thinning and breaking. AS a result, Ma Evans developed the Deep Action Shampoo, which contains a combination of natural extracts, amino acids and its combination of ingredients that cleanse the hair, leaving it stronger, brighter and with more vitality.

The constant use of Ma Evans Evolution ® ANTI LOSS due to breakage Shampoo, with its combination of ingredients strengthens hair, leaving it bright, with more volume and easy to comb.

Ma Evans ® Deep Action Softener

With its combination of ingredients that moistens and repairs damaged hair due to dryer, iron and dye. Results: leaves hair soft, manageable and voluminous.

Directions: Apply product to wet hair, distributing generously with a light massage on the scalp, rinse and repeat if necessary.

Presentation of 400ml.

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